This art is super cute :3 Megstiel <3

This art is super cute :3 Megstiel <3


we should compare the gif of Cas hearing that Dean died to the gif of Cas hearing that Meg died to see if he—OH WAIT A FUCKING SECOND OH DEAR OH MY GOODNESS I SEEM TO HAVE F O R G O T T E N  S O M E T H I N G

If Megstiel is canon because of that OOC behavior of Meg and Cas then that shitty, bullshit ship Dean/Jo is canon. Which it isn't. Everyone with a brain knows that Dean and Cas are in love and anyone who says otherwise is a complete and utter idiot.


ok so the supernatural writers always talk about how if they put castiel in a monster episode he would just kill the monster in 5-10 minutes and then they would have to figure out a way to spend the rest of the episode but here’s an idea how about you tell cas meg is dead and deal with it and give us all some closure

Megstiel having sex in the bunker like…


Dean: Hey Sam where’s Cas?
Sam: He’s eating pizza in his room.
Dean: Oh okay
Dean: *Starts walking towards Castiel’s room*
Sam: Dean!
Dean: What?!
Sam: Different type of pizza.


Casual reminder that Meg is a demon yet she showed extraordinary patience and understanding towards Castiel when taking care of him - as evidenced by the fact that he got very attached to her and he actively sought out her company despite being a pacifist and unwilling to handle even verbal…


do you know what I need? not only for Meg to come back, but for her to be just some random chick somewhere being all unassuming and then Cas recognizes her bc he sees her soul.

Supernatural Ships That Can Be Summarized In Two Words


Sabriel: Pulling Pigtails

Megstiel: My Unicorn

Wincest: Brotherly Love

Destiel: Profound Bond


1. Denial- refusing to acknowledge the long months of despair and torture ahead of you. Behavior: obsessively re-watching seasons 1-9, creating or looking at fanfic, fan art, and/or fanvids, watching every SPN cast interview/BTS you can get your hands on, and most importantly, immediately closing…